NorthWoods Inn - Hallows Eve 2010

On Hallows Eve 2010 I went to dinner at the NorthWoods Inn restaurant. I had family in town and this is the place they picked. It was also a dinner to celebrate my brothers 18th birthday.

This place is known for it's great steaks and mouth watering (literally!) garlic cheese bread. Also, they serve you large bowls of peanuts and encourage you to throw the shells on the floor. It definitely adds to the woodsy lodge type atmosphere that this joint has. This will be a review of the foods I ate that night...

First off, the garlic cheese bread is hands down one of the tastiest things i've ever eaten. Holy shit is that good. I had 2 slices and had to stop myself because while it is unbelievably good, you also feel your heart clogging up a little bit more every time you swallow the next bite. Very greasy.

What makes it worse is that it's unlimited. If you run out, just ask the waiter for some more and he'll bring a big basket full of more bread for you. I'm telling you it's fucking dangerous!

I ordered the Medium Sized LumberJack Steak (11oz.) with Rice Pilaf and a nice sized baked potato for my sides. I take my steaks medium rare (little more rare than medium) and usually soak a little A1 sauce in it. I don't care how good the steak is, I love A1 and will almost always put some on.


The steak was delicious! Plump and not to bloody. Cooked damn near perfectly. The rice and potato were pretty awesome as well. The best part about the potato was the spicy garlic cheese spread they bring with it. It's pretty amazing and no doubt calorie packed. Good thing I went on a run earlier that day to help make up for gorging myself at this dinner.

I also was able to get my hands on some Mahi Mahi. It came soaked in lemon and garlic and literally melted in your mouth. I don't eat a ton of sea food but to me, it was a very good dish. Best I've had since the last time I ate at McCormick and Schmicks.


To wash it all down I had the house Hefeweizen with a slice of orange dropped in. The beer was standard, delicious, but I didn't expect anything extraordinary from this. Also had a glass of my usual drink - Absolute & OJ and was let down by how weak it was. I like a lot of vodka in my drinks :)

All in all the food was awesome and the drinks were average. It's not very expensive either. Two normal adult meals and 2 kids + drinks + tip came to about $100. Well worth it for the quality of food you get. I'd definitely recommend this place and I'll be back again.



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