Why I Ditched AWS, Rackspace, and the "Cloud" All Together

Earlier in the month I read this post by David Cramer about why the cloud is not for you. He made a lot of valid points and some of them are the same reasons I ditched the "cloud" myself some time ago. A few years ago when I started ... Read More >

Real marketers KNOW their audience

I created this video a few weeks ago but I've been so busy I forgot to write about it on my blog. However the people on my mailing list received it pretty much immediately. So if you want to get an immediate heads up when I create new content like ... Read More >

5 Ways To Do Business While Saving Money

It's no secret that I'm a hustler. It's in my blood. For as long as I can remember I've had ideas to do this or that to make money. From stupid schemes as a kid, short term (read: half ass) ideas as a late teen and into my 20's, and ... Read More >

Quickly Impersonate Another User In Your Django Project

I've created or worked on so many Django projects in the last 4 years that I find myself completely forgetting a project or client all together. It's sort of funny. Anyways... Too many times I've run into a situation where I, as an admin, need to impersonate another user ... Read More >

How To Use SuperFeedr In Your Django Project Using DjPubSubHubbub

Last year I started using an awesome service called SuperFeedr in a few projects I'm working on. Basically it's a service that notifies me when new content is available. Saves me from having to build a constant polling service to check for new data. You can read all about ... Read More >