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Keeping the various services, that we all use, up to date can be a pain! I haven't updated my Flickr account in some time. It is so out of date in fact that I simply deleted all my photos and started over from scratch. I am slowly adding "rolls" from my iPhoto into "sets" on Flickr. I have to admit, Flickr is very cool these days. Their newer utilities and geo tagging are awesome features. I know they might not be that new, but it literally has been a year since I used my account. heh.

So I am making an effort to ditch my current gallery install and use my Flickr account for all my photo sharing. I purchased the FlickrExport plugin for iPhoto. Now keeping it up to date is extremely easy. Just add them to Flickr as I import them from my camera. I can worry about organizing them later, when I have the time, via the Flickr website.

Currently I have about 3 sets up on the site, with more to come. I will spend another hour on this today (hopefully) and move on to something that doesn't involve a keyboard. Anything, as long as it doesn't involve a keyboard!

Anyways, check out my Flickr photos here.



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