Getting Rich Quick - Online

I stumbled across an article today titled How To Make $1,000,000 By Blogging. It's an awesome read and pretty funny through out the entire piece. It's basic outline is that you use the money you make from your blogging to buy lottery tickets to win $1,000,000+.

The moral of the story is that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. I've written before about how I plan to make a million bucks this year and in the post I give an outline of my overall plans to achieve this goal. A lot of people feel that they can throw together a blog, mix in a few ads and post a few times a week and they are good as gold. Unfortunately, it's never that easy!

When you look at the TechCrunch's and the John Chow's of the blogosphere, there is an underlying theme to be found — hard work. There isn't much in life, that's worth anything, that comes to you easily. Building a million dollar blog, or website in general, is no exception.

If you are willing to put in the blood, sweat & tears you will be successful. Stay motivated and never give up, even when you fail (and continue to fail). Get up, try again, repeat. Throw enough sh*t on the wall and eventually some will stick (probably have that saying incorrect but I'm a city boy, what do you want from me)

In my opinion there is no better opportunity for an entrepreneur than the internet. Instant access to a global marketplace and relatively inexpensive methods to setup shop. It's never been easier for us dreamers to "make it happen" than right now. My question to you is... what are you waiting for?



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