Groovr Got Fancy!

For a while I worked at a new startup here in LA called Groovr. I resigned earlier this year from Groovr but still keep in touch with the guys & gals over there. Today they launched the latest version of the website. It's been about 5 months since the last release and the features they implemented are really cool!

So what's new?

New Design - As much as I loved the last design when we rolled it out 5 months back, this new one definitely takes the cake. It is very "cool" and flows very well for the type of site that Groovr is.

Localized Explore - You can now "explore" your local area. See who is currently near by, any new shouts/photos/videos they may have submitted. All of it plotted out on a nice map so you can see how close someone may be to you. For an example, check out the Los Angeles explore page.

Feeds - No, not your standard RSS feed. Now data from a user is grouped into an "activity feed." You can see the latest shouts, images, videos, etc. all in one feed, along with comments.

Lightbox - You can now browse a users photo submissions via a lightbox display. This makes it much faster to see all the images on a single page.

Custom Profiles - Users can now customize their profile pages by choosing from an array of different background images.

Friend Importer - Pretty standard across most social networks, but they added a nice friend importer. Let's you invite/find friends from your address book (GMail, Yahoo, etc.)

There are other new things as well, but they are mostly changes behind the scene that the users won't "see" but they really improve the service. All in all, I think the site looks great and I wish them all the success in the world.

If you decide to give Groovr a try, make sure and add me as a friend. My profile is found here.



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