How Safe Is Your Day Job?

I was reading TechCrunch and found this post about Yahoo cutting it's workforce by 20%. It references this article from Silicon Alley Insider, which has written an updated story and things do not look good.

I have a friend who works for Yahoo in the Burbank offices and he says that those rumors began floating last week. He isn't too concerned about his specific department, but worried about the direction the company may be heading.

I've been in corporate gigs before where layoff's were rumored and eventually occurred. I'll never forget that uneasy feeling; wondering if myself or a team member was going to be cut. Morale was low and the environment sucked! I ended up leaving that company because things just continued to get worse and worse.

Another job later I decided that that was it for me in the cubicle world. I bounced around doing consulting gigs for a while then took at job with a startup. It was a much more enjoyable environment and I felt more productive because of it. Still, I felt it wasn't a good match. I wrote earlier this month about how I plan to make this a life changing year and I am still on track for that goal.

Being your own boss is quite a feeling. Sure I could spend the day lounging and still make enough to cover my monthly bills, but then I would come no where near my goal for 2008. This means that I am working longer days than normal and getting home later than I would like but sacrifices are required for anything worth while.

This Yahoo trouble is just another reminder that you are not necessarily more secure at a 9-to-5. I am not saying to go out and quit your job but you should weigh your options and make a rational decision about how you can improve your "working" life. An improvement there will usually be a positive factor in other aspects of your life as well.

P.S. This post is sort of a rambling. Probably shouldn't blog while watching the Chargers-Patriots game ;)



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