I Can Control You With My Words

I've written in the past about Hypnotic Writing. Since I found the book by Joe Vitale I have been very interested in learning more about the science behind it and how I can increase my profit from it.

Today I stumbled across a very useful reference article. I suggest you read it if you are interested in this sort of writing technique. In fact the guys entire blog is one great big resource for this particular subject.

It's fairly obvious from my blog posts that I am no great writer. I'm not even a good one. The idea that I can write an amazing sales letter is what keeps me interested in the subject. I will continue to work on my writing style so that I naturally form a series of hypnotic statements and commands that can be fine tuned after the fact.

My biggest problem with writing is that I seem to have permanent writers block. The only "cure" that seems to work for me is to sit down and start writing something. Anything. After 5-10 minutes I'll get an idea and go with it. That's what we, in "the biz," call getting in "the zone." (Let's see if you catch that reference/joke)

One of the pieces of advice given by Joe Vitale is to not worry about your work being perfect. Test it, tweak it and then test/tweak it again. Once you are satisfied that it's as good as you can do, let it go. Give it to the world. Just let it go. This is another one of my biggest problems. I continue to think I can improve anything I am writing, whether it's a blog post, sales letter, email, software, etc. and I end up spending to much time editing on the fly.

Close your eyes and just write. Edit, format, etc. later. Just get the words on paper (you know what I mean) and you will have a solid foundation to build on.



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