Real marketers KNOW their audience

I created this video a few weeks ago but I've been so busy I forgot to write about it on my blog. However the people on my mailing list received it pretty much immediately.

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Here's the email I sent out a few weeks ago (yea, I know this is the lazy way out...)

=== Email Below ===

Earlier this week I told you I created a new
how-to video for you... Well I did.

You may have a hard time sitting through it though...
I'm told I have a very sexy voice. haha!

(My first "real" job ever was doing technical
support for America Online. I was 17 at the time and
I used to have women (and a few men) tell me how
sexy my voice was - all the time! Cracks me up to
think about it.)

Anywho this new video talks about marketing to the
proper demographics and how to obtain that information.

This is something that is SO overlooked it's not even
funny. If you don't know your demo, you might as well
just yell out on a street corner. You're results will
probably be similar :p

It's VERY important to know just WHO your target market
is. With this information, that's fast and free to get,
then your ads will be much more effective and your
conversions will soar through the roof!

I put the video up on YouTube, so you can watch it by
clicking the link below.

In fact, go watch it now, then come back to this email.
It's OK. I'll wait...

. . .

OK, welcome back! Hope you enjoyed the video. What did
you think of it? I'm hoping you got some serious value
out of it. More important, I hope you put that information
to use!


PS. You can use this information to help you target your
audience in all sorts of marketing, including Pay Per Click
(aka, PPC.) Want some more info? Check this out:



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