Peter Sanchez

All About Peter

It's a bit tough to write these things about yourself. Let's see...

Personal - Born, raised and reside in Los Angeles. I have 2 daughters (ages 10 and 7.) Interests include computers/technology, motorcycles, reading, sports, poker, camping and exercise. I spend way to much time on my computers (OS X, FreeBSD) In fact I may be an addict. When I am torn away from my MacBook I am usually at the gym, playing soccer with my girls, at a Dodger's game, working on my 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10 or enjoying a night out with my friends.

Professional - Currently I am the co-owner of SmartJabber and also working as a consultant. I have worked, or consulted, at ICANN, iPowerWeb, NMIA and America OnLine. Generally my work revolves around software development and system engineering and administration. My preference is to work with FreeBSD in the server environment, though I am very fluent with Linux and other unices. I tend to end up as part of the network engineering teams as well. While I prefer Foundry gear, Juniper's JunOS has grown on me. I am burnt on Cisco, and honestly, haven't touched it much in 3-4 years. I can program in C, Perl, PHP and Shell. Python, however, has gotten most of my attention the last few years! If you are interested in a more detailed work history, view my Linked In profile.

Quotes - I find the following quotes about me funny. I _think_ they were joking, but who knows...

"Before I met Pete, I never would've thought that writing software for the mob was so profitable." - wac

"I've known pete for years. He's a good pimp. If you are ever in the market for Himalayan Gold brought over via donkey from mexico, Pete's your guy.

Also if you are in the market for: car's, stereo equipment, computer's, TV's, car radio's, bed's, furniture, welding equipment, white slavery, gun's, contract killings, pirated software at low low bargain prices, "Green" gold, turquoise looted from indian burial grounds, a good poker game, or need good cheap illegal labor ask Pete. Tell him X sent you." - Chris (X86BSD)

After reading this jumble of information, I'm sure you're just dying to speak with me. Find out how on my contact page.

Who is Peter? An entrepreneur and developer from Southern California...