What's In My Bag - 2017

I work on the road a lot. This is one of the reasons we decided to close our offices this year.

Currently I’m in Lisbon, Portugal and have about another 4 weeks on ... Read More >

A Decade of Django

Ten years ago I wrote a blog post about starting to learn a web development framework named Django. At the time it was a simple way for me to toy around with ideas I wanted to pursue. I even ... Read More >

The "Officelessness" Epidemic

I’d hear of it happening to people. Whispers here and there. I’d sit and think, “that’s never going to happen to me.” I’d never let that happen. Until it did. I was embarrassed at first. Ashamed maybe. How did it come to this?

Finally I had to accept it. I ... Read More >

How To Get Experience Doing Anything You Want!

Volunteer. I should probably just end the post with that one word. It's really all that needs to be said. Of course, I like to babble so let's continue on. I never went to college. Generally I get funny looks from people when I say that. I used to be ... Read More >

How I Lost Over $100K by Neglecting Email

This is going to be a bit embarrassing... I am a member of an accountability group. Every month we have a call where we check up on each other, rehash the previous months goals/progress, state our goals for the upcoming month, give each other advice, etc. I LOVE these monthly ... Read More >