What I'm Working On Now

What I'm Working On Now

Ever get asked, "So what are you up to now?" Yea me too. So this page answers that question. Inspired by Derek Sivers /now page movement.

Goals for 2019


  • Spend as much time as possible with my daughters. My oldest is now in college across the country so my time with her is limited, which is all the more reason to make our time together count.
  • Write every day - Journal.
  • Write every day - Creative (blog, tech, marketing emails, newsletters, guest posts, etc.)
  • Read at least 16 new books in 2019. I've had a goal of 20 the last 2 years and never seemed to make it. So I'm lowering it to 16 this year. You can follow the progress on GoodReads.


  • Launch AnyHow, formerly known as Grinch, to the public.
  • Complete water project at Colonial San Martin (rollover from 2018).
  • Work from at least 5 different countries, aka "workations", in 2019. This is a lower number than the previous few years because I am trying to focus on products a lot this year. This involves staying in one place more often (at least for me)
  • Attend at least 1 non-tech related conference.
  • "Ship" something daily. Progress displayed on my WIP Profile

What's Actually Going On

Daughter Time

This is going great. Will also be spending a bit of time with my girls out of the country this summer (more on that below)


Not going so great. I haven't had much time, or frankly, motivation to actually write anything. Not even simple blog posts that I have ideas for. I'm actually really struggling with breaking this cycle. So far, no real progress here.


Currently reading Bird By Bird which funny enough is about writing. As you can see above, I need help! Maybe this book will give me a kick in the ass. See the Goodreads Challenge for goal progress.


AnyHow is actually coming along nicely. We're planning to launch in the next month or so.

New House

I stumbled on an unbelievable investment oppurtunity in Managua, Nicaragua. It was a house that was being completely renovated and about 90% complete. The owners wanted out of the process due to political issues in the country. Being that I love Nicaragua I wasn't going to shy away from the country due to the situation, I made a low ball offer that I couldn't believe they accepted. So I spent about 6 weeks finishing construction and now I'm working on making the house suitable for Airbnb or some other situation.

Colonial San Martin

Unfortunately no progress here. Part of the reason is the new house mentioned above.


I don't think I will make the 5 countries this year. I've already got Colombia and Nicaragua in the books and my annual surf trip to Costa Rica confirmed but I don't think I'll do any other trips this year.

However I will be spending the entire summer in Nicaragua to work on the new house and also see parts of the country I haven't been to yet. My daughters will spend a large chunk of the summer with me down there as well. I'm really excited for the summer. I leave in 2 weeks.



Ship Daily

My highest streak on WIP is 68 days. I was caught up on the streak for a while and letting it go was the best thing I did as far as this goal goes. It's OK to take a break and regroup. Now I am shipping most work days and some weekends but I'm not going crazy over it. I love the idea of WIP though and I think reviewing it annually, or maybe even monthly, will be very useful.

Last updated May 22nd, 2019.